Betsy Devos Fights for School Safety Reform for 2018-2019 Semester

One of the main issues with today’s American education system started in the 1980s. When the Reagan Administration released the report on the state of America’s schools, there was no plan on how to address the problem. There wasn’t even a sense that anything was going to work. A few decades later, America still has the same education problems that it did before.


Betsy Devos is the new US Education Secretary to inherit these age-old questions of how does the US teach children without being able to provide proper standards? With the Common Core fully in place, many believed that the education system was headed for better places, but Devos has said that Common Core actually has put students back a grade level. In addition, she doesn’t believe that the Bush administration’s “No Child Left Behind” policy works either.


Devos said that it was time to start fresh, and she has been campaigning ever since to get more states on board with educational choice opportunities. However, she has met resistance at every turn, mostly from America’s public school teachers who say that Devos has no experience.


For the past 30 years, Devos has been working in education reform. It started during her days at Calvin College, where she joined debates and political clubs. She worked on the Carter administration, and then eventually, she would begin working in the Michigan Republican Party. Throughout the years, one thing has bound her to politics and that is educational reform.


Devos’ main platform is educational choice. While many do not support it, educational choice has actually been successful in a few different states. Florida has been the most successful, according to Devos. Florida now has the most educational choice options, including a tuition-based scholarship program that students can apply for and receive with their admission into a private school. This has been groundbreaking for students who have been stuck in failing school zones.


However, in 2018, a new challenge faced Betsy Devos. President Trump appointed her to lead the school safety reform movement after there were numerous school shootings. Now more than ever, schools are reporting threats of gun violence every day. Devos has been working with security officials to add new security protocols without adding more guns to school campuses. As of the 2018-2019 school season, new policies have already been put in place over the summer.


Devos has less than two years to change America’s education policies. She will have to fight in the next two years to keep states informed of the success of current programs.


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Dr. Saad Saad On Creating Two Medical Inventions

Inventing something can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Getting a patent for your invention cal be quite a process. It takes a lot of money, time, paperwork, and much more to get it all finalized. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

Dr. Saad Saad has a lot of experience in the process of inventing something and patented two inventions of his own. These two medical devices are not just frivolous, but life saving devices that have made a huge impact so far.

The successful doctor is constantly finding new ways to help patients, advocate for their rights, and give them the life saving surgery that they need.

Dr. Saad Saad invented a device to help locate catheters. It works like a electromagnetic location devices, and is way less invasive than other methods. Catheters can be temporary and permanent, but either way are put inside the body. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

Because they are put inside the body, doctors and physicians need to find out where they care located. Doctors use MRI’s and X-rays to find the catheters, but these methods are not without difficulty. An MRI machine, a.k.a Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a huge machine that is not portable. An X-ray machine on the other hand is safe overall, but delivers a low dosage of radiation every time it’s used.

Dr. Saad Saad’s magnetic location device finds the catheter very easily. When the outside device is parallel to the internal catheter, it lights up. Hospitals are implementing this devices all over the United States and internationally.

The pediatric surgeon also invented a device that is invaluable. It is a suction device attached to an endoscope. When using an endoscope to find foreign objects or anything else, it can be engulfed in fluid inside the body. Naturally, the body is full of liquids and can pose a very challenging problems when looking inside the body.

Doctors have remove the endoscope to suction out the fluid, thus looking eyesight of their place. Dr. Saad Saad’s invention totally solves the problem so doctors can to their procedure faster and more comfortably for the patient.

Saad Saad was born in Palestine, but move to the United States as an adult to further his pediatric career. He currently lives in Eatontown, New Jersey.

In his career, Dr. Saad Saad has performed thousands of surgeries around the world. With all his accomplishments, the pediatric surgeon has won many awards, including a compassionate doctor chosen by his patients.

Gareth Henry Explains Why The Private Equity Space Is Growing

Gareth Henry has worked in the private credit space for the past 13 years. Among his top positions are working as the head of global investors relations for two multinational financial firms, Fortress Investment Group, and Angelo, Gordon & Company. His college degree was actuarial math which he says has enabled him to understand complex financial transactions and investments. He is also deeply experienced with alternative asset investing. This experience has allowed him to raise substantial amounts of capital for the firms he has worked for.

He says that the private credit sector of the economy has been doing pretty well for itself for the past few years. Gareth Henry chalks this up to a few factors that are at play. First, banks have become much more heavily regulated since they nearly brought down the entire global economy in 2008. This means that they have had to cut back on the amount of money they lend out, especially when it comes to mid-cap sized firms. The second reason is that all public companies have been cracked down on by regulators to some degree. There had been too many accounting scandals and other types of financial issues going on so they now have to issue an increasing amount of public disclosures about their business practices.

Third, Gareth Henry says that another issue is that publically traded firms have to issue quarterly reports. A consequence of this is that shareholders, and thus the executives of publically traded companies, take far too much of a short-term view on revenue and profit. This means that they don’t focus on the long run which can have a serious impact in the future. Gareth Henry is originally from Scotland. He moved to London to start his professional career as it is one of the main financial centers in the world. After working in London for several years he moved to New York when he joined Angelo, Gordon & Company. He has also worked for Schroders which is a money management company. Additionally, he has been an investment manager at a few firms such as Philadelphia’s SEI Investments.

Paul Mampilly Sharpens the Investment Decision-making Skills of the Ordinary American Investors

Portfolio and investment management is one of the most demanding task in the finance industry that many people fail to understand. This is because the success of any individual in these disciplines depends on how skillful and passionate they are about conducting market research and analyses so that they can arrive at the ultimate decisions regarding the best investment strategies to implement for their funds. Paul Mampilly was lucky to learn these skills while he worked at the Wall Street America after he completed Schools. This was a long process of learning because it involved working for different organizations while performing different roles that ranged from operations to management and leadership. All these roles equipped Paul Mampilly with the right skills to successfully manage investments and wealth for his clients and himself.

One of the most resourceful positions that Mampilly held was at the Deutsche Bank, where he operated as the company’s assistant research analyst. This position taught him the basic principles of making rational investment decisions regarding investments. Paul Mampilly was mad to understand that investment decision-making required that the investor or the investment management officer conducted due diligence on the best investment strategies to implement and also the best time to place their investments. With this understanding, Mampilly has managed to multiply wealth for many clients of the organizations for which he worked, and also for himself.

Serving the clients of these finance and investment management institutions was not satisfactory for Paul Mampilly because his dream was to ensure that most of the American commons benefited from his wealth management skills. This was a different perspective of reasoning from the typical investment managers whose main objectives is to work for the institutions that would give them the best appreciation and pay them well. On the contrary, Mampilly’s primary objective was an all-inclusive service to the Americans.

It was for this reason that Paul Mampilly left his job at the Wall Street and became an editor at the Banyan Hill Publishing. As an editor, Mampilly publishes investment and financial advice that he dispenses to the ordinary Americans for consumption, with the aim of improving their investment decision-making skills.

U.S. Money Reserve graces the Lone Sailor Awards Dinner

The Navy is one of the most important outfits of the U.S. Army, and honoring the esteemed men and women who dedicate their blood and lives to service is a noble gesture for any American individual or institution.

U.S Reserve is one of the organisations that has always been at the forefront in supporting the U.S Navy. America’s Gold Authority is an exclusive partner of the U.S Navy Memorial and, as such, attended the 2018 Lone Sailor Awards Dinner which was hosted and organised by the United States Navy Memorial Foundation.

The event which took place at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., saw a team of U.S Money Reserve executives partake in the commemorative dinner that recognizes the present, past and future soldiers of the Sea Services. The budding partnership between the Gold Authority and the U.S Navy Memorial kicked off two years ago back in 2016, after the release of the high-mintage 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor coin series.

Among the top U.S Money Reserve executives that graced the annual dinner include Jennifer Olivier, director of operations; vice president of media, Christol Farris; Hosea Perkins, senior director of sales; and vice president of marketing & communication, Jim Warren. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

Speaking at the event, Christol Farris said that they are privileged to partner with the U.S. Navy Memorial in the noble duty of honoring America’s Sea Servicemen and women. Jennifer Olivier added that the U.S Money Reserve is proud to be involved in the commemoration of the distinguished men and women who gave their lives to the service of America.

Jim Warren pointed out that their partnership with the U.S. Navy Memorial is not only philanthropic-wise but also business-wise. He further acknowledged their continued engagements, saying that the Navy has been one of their biggest and loyal customers. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

More about Lone Sailor Awards Dinner

It is one of the most esteemed annual events in Washington that celebrates the past, present and future members of the Navy who put their lives on the line to guarantee the safety of America.

The awards are graced by the Navy Memorial Board of Directors, senior Navy Chiefs, Washington executives, and Navy Memorial corporate partners.

More about the U.S. Money Reserve

U.S Reserve is the biggest and most trusted private distributor, and retailer of government-issued platinum, silver and gold coins.

Since its foundation in 2001, the organisation has distributed exclusive coin releases like the 65th Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2018 Proof Coin Set. U.S. Reserve has its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

OSI Group under Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group under the spectacular leadership of Sheldon Lavin.
Sheldon Lavin who is the current chairperson and CEO of OSI Group has led and witnessed as the company sours like a phoenix from its humble beginnings. It has expanded to be a market leader in the food distribution industry setting itself apart from all other companies. The company has registered tremendous growth over the past years. OSI Group which has been in existence for the past two centuries and was established by one Otto Kolchowsky who was an immigrant at the time. The company which was formerly known as Otto and Son’s has grown over the past century into a multimillion-dollar conglomerate that is represented across the globe. It has a record 60 outlets in the United States alone.

The firm which changed its name to OSI Industries has gained a pool of partners and loyal consumers worldwide. The company has also made numerous acquisitions with the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. The company’s CEO is dedicated to ensuring that the quality of products the company manufactures is of the highest quality. He has devoted his life to providing that his company produces healthy foodstuffs. He has over the past two decades led the company towards adopting greener practices. Mr. Sheldon Lavin has as well set himself apart as a great supporter of sustainability practices. He wants to use an advanced scheme of strategic marketing methods to take the company across its next milestone.

OSI Group has been the main supplier of beef products to McDonald’s from its onset in the past century. The two multinational conglomerates have been symbiotic for over 50 years. The company which began as a family business being run by Otto and his two sons. Sheldon partnered with Otto’s sons in 1970’s and with time gained complete control of the company. The company currently explores foreign markets with its significant growth taking it to places like Spain and Brazil. As OSI Group continued to immense popularity in the States, it branched to overseas markets like the Philippines and even China.

Overall those years in business, the companies focus had been on beef products. It was not until the end of the 20th century that OSI Group shifted its focus on other products other than beef. The company has pushed a chunk of investment into the poultry business. It also started making acquisitions including a China-based poultry farm. The company also began to explore the Japanese beef markets. OSI group has, in addition, acquires Baho Food, Tyson food plants, and other significant assets. The acquisitions were Sheldon’s way of ensuring that OSI Group expands its horizons.

How Neurocore Utilizes EEG Technology to help Patients Achieve Greater Degrees of Focus

To most of the general public the method of neurofeedback might sound like new technology, but in fact this concept has been around for more than a century. An online article recapped the history of neurofeedback as it relates to modern day EEG’s. Companies such as Neurocore have benefited from the research scientific pioneers started over a century ago. The first experiments involving electricity and brain neurons were conducted on frogs by two scientists from Italy. This was just the beginning of the discoveries researchers would make between the activity of the brain and the mental and physical states of individuals.

The development of EEG technology allowed the progress of treatments associated with brain disorders to improve significantly. Used to create maps of the brain’s activity this technology is currently used by companies such as Neurocore to help people overcome conditions such as depression, anxiety and ADHD. In fact, one of the pioneering scientists in EEG technology was a man who suffered from bouts of depression himself. Hans Berger was the first to publish his studies involving the use of an electroencephalogram on a human.

During his experimentation with EEG technology, Hans Berger also discovered that the brain had different waves of energy, which were subsequently recorded as beta and alpha waves. He also noticed that the waves could change when an individual had an associated physical response such as closing their eyes. Although these findings greatly impacted the scientific community back in the 1930’s when they were first discovered, they have since been improved upon to where companies such as Neurocore can treat people through the use of neurofeedback.

In 1968 a researcher named Joe Kamiya published an article that expanded on the concept of controlled brainwaves. With the aid of EEG technology Mr. Kamiya was able to visually see the changes some people could make in their brain’s activity. Today, the brain training method used by Neurocore today incorporates the use of EEG technology with biofeedback. This allows their team of medical professionals to teach people how to control their own brain activity on a level that allows them to attain higher degrees of focus.

Yanni Hufnagel Was A Passionate Coach And Recruiter From The Start

Yanni Hufnagel was a successful assistant college basketball coach with a passion for recruiting. He takes advantage of all opportunities, so if the time comes for him to deal with more than two people in one session, he can handle it with ease. Jon Rothstein refers to Yanni Hufnagel as relentless and like a basketball energizer bunny. He says Hufnagel can go all day long to prove his loyalty to any program he works for. Hufnagel’s love and hard work during his career made a name for him as an assistant in the country.


Passionate Background

Hufnagel said when you’re doing something you’re passionate about and you believe in it makes the job feel less like work. He said he planned to do whatever it took. When he was younger, doing whatever it took meant lining up his action figures to make plays. As a teenager, he was a 16-year-old analyst for the local broadcast station. Ed Cohen says Hufnagel used to use sports jargon well beyond what you would expect to hear from a normal 16-year-old. Even later, Hufnagel became a student manager, but he still hadn’t dedicated his time to coaching until the age of 23. In Oklahoma, he was a graduate assistant for a couple of years under Jeff Capel, and next to Blake Griffin, who later became a number 1 pick for the NBA.


How The Coaching And Recruiting Started

Luck was on the side on Yanni Hufnagel in this business. He says he thinks to work with Jeff and Blake and seeing their work ethic had a big influence on his career today. Hufnagel got his first shot as a coach and recruiter under Tommy Amaker at Harvard. For four years he worked and formed relationships with athletes mainly from the west coast. One of Harvard’s best team members was Jeremy Lin. Hufnagel eventually brought in Wesley Saunders from Los Angeles. Matt Rayan is one of the many prospects sought by Hufnagel. Ryan reflects back on their initial phone call, taking place while the coach was checking out at the supermarket. Even though Ryan wound up at another school instead, he felt a strong impression from Hufnagel. He says Hufnagel didn’t give up and he had a real vision for Ryan, describing the type of school Ryan would attend, and he was spot on.

The RealReal Gets Real

Online shopping is not a new phenomenon by any means, but it is still a growing industry that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Founded in 2011, The RealReal is an app that has made its mark on online shopping. The RealReal began as an online-based consignment shop for luxury items. These luxury items are brands that would otherwise cost a consumer thousands of dollars.

So what makes it different than other online shopping apps? The RealReal does not allow user-to-user selling as many other platforms do. Instead, users send their items in directly for authentication, and from there the items can be purchased. This authentication process is important to the company as they believe that being able to provide a definitive value is better than allowing users to guess what an item might be worth.

Most recently, The RealReal decided to get real. While they have no plans to cease operation of their online-based platform, a physical location in LA was opened at the end of July. It’s been described as a “resale department store” by the chief merchant of The RealReal. This location was not chosen by chance though. The RealReal has noted that LA provides their second largest market.

One of the elements that makes The RealReal stand out is their collaboration with celebrities. This has helped The RealReal quickly gain popularity, and they are sure to make good use of the 12,000 square foot store. Their physical location has a department for handbags, and a separate men’s department too. Jewelry is one of the biggest sellers on the site, so special attention has been taken for this department in their physical location. A good luxury shop in California just wouldn’t be complete without a whisky bar, not to mention the coffee and sandwiches also served. It’s really a one-stop shop!

Infinity Group Australia — a Superior Financial and Experienced Company Providing Monetary Guidance to Households and Individuals

The financial expert Graeme Holm started Infinity Group Australia because of seeing how people rashly spend their income and make risky financial decisions. Notable, the Australian Financial Review (AFR) surveyed more than 1000 companies but listed 100 that were outstanding in helping families all over Australia. Today, Infinity Group Australia is a superior financial and experienced company that ranked 58 in AFR’s top hundred list.




Directed by founder Graeme Holm, including his wife Rebecca Walker, the financial organization has accepted prestigious awards for providing monetary guidance to households and individuals in 2018. Also, Infinity Group Australia has emerged as a large debt saving establishment among Australia’s fastest-growing organizations. Since its beginning up in 2013, they have assisted day-to-day Australians with increasing their personal finances, doing debt payoffs and achieving future security.




Graeme Holm launches Infinity Group Australia out of an ambition to help Australian families one by one and hold the banks reliable. Most significantly, the Infinity Group experts consult with people by ensuring they organize an acceptable financial plan. This means they’ll offer families and individuals services strategic for creating wealth or to avoid debt struggles.




Further, the Infinity Group asks their customers to allow seeing a view of the portfolio — which contains debt products and financial health information. These specialists have years of knowledge in the business, and they’re told about the most common miscalculates people arrive at, and what steps they should take in avoiding these errors. Thus, if you have money, allow the experts in the Infinity Group to help you protect your financial life from future damage by showing you a deal that fits your budget.




Yes, you’ll spend money when necessary without getting into a financial crisis. Also, you won’t have to worry about dealing with any challenges that come into your life. Infinity group Australia will help you get it right through proper financial planning. They are infinity coaches offering various kinds of economic aids for anyone who wants to improve their financial standing and continue good credit.



In conclusion, Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia will teach you how to avoid the struggle of paying off a loan. Not only that, you’ll learn how not to get in debt applying their cash-only strategy. Indeed, these experts will offer you a plan to get out of debt by paying off each credit card or loan. So, they’ll consult you on using a current credit card when necessary, or if you are using cash for a specific product — depending on its price. Learn more :