Securus and GTL Bake Off Challenge – Who’s Got My Call?

I’m just like everyone else. I like to know that my call gets to the right person at the right time for the right price. It’s not rocket science. It’s common sense.


The question is which one will give me all the above – Securus or GTL?


Securus CEO Richard A. Smith threw down the gauntlet and set the rules. Objecting to GTL’s claims of comparable features and services, Smith called for an independent judge to study both companies’ products and service capabilities. Smith emphasizes the competitive advantage of Securus’ investments. The company has spent $700 million in product development, technical platform improvements and company acquisitions. Securus established a modern Technology Center and US Customer Service Center.


Both Securus and GTL provide technology and call management solutions for use by civil and criminal justice institutions. Both provide essential services. This is product line versus product line. Which platform has the power, flexibility, technical smarts and overall economical value to take home the prize?


Smith is confident that he has the better system. Securus has conducted customer surveys among customers who have switched from GTL to Securus. The findings have revealed that Securus is preferred three to one. Those surveyed found Securus technology, value and customer service experience superior.


On paper, the two companies are comparable but platform performance and customer satisfaction may be the deciding factors for me. Let the bake off begin.


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  1. This I think is beyond some company to do. Mr. Richard Smith the CEO of Securus technology has plainly open the basket here for all of us to know their services and their innovative capabilities. All the same, they have been trying all the years I mean GTL before Smith came up with some strategic plans for to take the lead in the provision of and in the manner as other dissertations has. Well, the conducted survey, is quite in record that for now Securus is incharge of technological innovations.

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