The Ladder to Dr. Saad’s Success

There are many life lessons that Dr. SaadSaad has been able to pass onto others. The most important lesson he has shared is that success does come with a bit of innovation. As Saad continued to practice medicine, he also continued to work on effective procedures that he felt could minimize pain and increase recovery time for his pediatric patients. One procedure that he developed would reduce the procedure to the need for just one incision versus two incisions. The success was also in getting the same results while making one less incision. Dr. Saad was able to use this procedure more than 2,000 during the course of his career, bringing good health to his patients while minimizing pain altogether.


Dr. Saad’s greatest passion in life wasn’t just about becoming a pediatric surgeon, but it was also about him gaining more procedural knowledge along the way. This meant that he would not only learn how to do procedures in less time, but with less tools. This meant that over time, Dr. Saad would be able to make it easier for children to get the surgery that needed it without more incisions and more pain medication after the procedure was over. This meant saving lives and improving them for children was now possible.


Recently, in an interview, Dr. Saad was asked what he would tell his younger self. The answer was profound, yet simple. It was simply that he would insist on that nothing is impossible if you have set the goal for yourself. If you insist on success he believes that you can have it. This is a profound but true message for Dr. Saad and those he teaches. Although he is now retired, he was able to pass these wise words onto his children as they studied and grew older. Learn more:


His father was perhaps his greatest encourager, mainly because he shared his wisdom and his own journey with his son at an early age. When the family was moved to Kuwait during his childhood years, Saad was able to realize just how much his choices would impact his career. The demands that he set for himself was to improve and to continue to strive for more regardless of what challenges he faced. He knew that studying medicine was not enough to help him become a doctor, but it was the procedural knowledge he would need to focus on in order to become the best surgeon possible.


Saad also believes that if you do what you need to do today, you won’t be in a hurry to get it done tomorrow. His approach to time management is amazing, and if anything, he has used that to his advantage as well.

We Are Still Not Safe From Iran, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub Warns

Lately the news has been abuzz about the fact President Trump is planning on meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. However, Israeli Ambassador to the U.K. Daniel Taub is fully aware that there is yet another oft-overlooked threat that America would do well to take heed against: Iran.

Taub continues to reflect on the Geneva accord signed in 2013, and he continues to feel that Iran remains a threat to the civilized world.

Of course, Ambassador Taub believed that maintaining pressure on traditional allies would be an important step to holding Iran’s nuclear ambitions at bay. He also continues to believe that radical partnerships are in order.

Even to this day, he still feels that Israel should actually partner up with Sunni-dominated countries in order to quell the specter of a nuclear Iran.

Although some individuals feel that the Geneva Accord signed in 2013 signified bigger and better things for the Middle East region, Daniel Taub continues to believe that the journey started off on the wrong foot. He continues to caution everyone that this deal doesn’t provide for everything it claims. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Ambassador Taub continues to tell anyone who will listen that the 2013 Geneva accord did not result in a Iranian centrifuge from being dismantled.

Taub is also still concerned that some of the parameters of the deal have been oversold. For example, the original agreement stated that Iran would not enrich uranium above five percent. However, the deal continues to feel less and less relevant as time goes by, simply because the centrifuges developed by Iran continue to get faster and faster.

At its current state, the centrifuges of Iran give them the ability to go from just 3.5 percent to top capacity in much less time than normal. All of this is disconcerting for Daniel Taub to say the least, and he can only hope that besides North Korea President Trump is able to turn his attention to Iran sometime soon as well.

About Daniel Taub

Besides his years working as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015, Daniel Taub has held down many other prestigious posts. His positions have included work with many Israeli foundations and charities.

Indeed, to say there is no man more dedicated to preserving the Jewish state and Israel as a people than Mr. Taub would not be too far off the mark. Simply put, Taub will do whatever it takes to make sure the safety of Israel is upheld from those who want to do it harm.

Michael Lacey Voices against Presidential Pardon to Joe Arpaio

Former Maricopa County Sheriff and controversial figure, Joe Arpaio escaped from a potential jail term after President Trump issued a pardon to him. Though the conservative extremists applauded the decision, it actually brought heavy criticism from different corners of the society. Liberal and independent political activists came to streets to protest against the decision.

The people who endured the tortures of Arpaio felt that they were defeated as no justice delivered to them. In that situation, many people came out to speak against the Presidential decision. Among them, Michael Lacey was a prominent name who had a painful story with Arpaio as the villain.

He is a prominent journalist in Arizona who worked at Phoenix New Times. In 2007, he was arrested along with his colleague Jim Larkin by the special forces of Arapio mainly due to covering the wrongdoings of the Sheriff through Phoenix New Times.

While coming to the recent Presidential Pardon, Lacey blasted at Trump and said that he is a moron as Rex Tillerson previous said, and the action proved it without no doubt.

He added that the decision is the product of a marriage between two dirty and corrupt individuals. Lacey continued that Arpaio propagated racism, torture, corruption, and act of vengeance during his years of rein as the county sheriff.

Shockingly, Arpaio was notorious for designing extreme prison conditions. He even created a tent city in the Arizona desert to take the brutality of torture to the extreme level. Apart from the tortures, the inmates and detainees in tent cities had to face intense climatic conditions along with minimal basic facilities.

Arpaio even said in a TV interview that tent city is his concentration camp – showed his mentality towards the detainees. During those years, his jails witnessed innumerous prisoner suicides, torturing to deaths, many illegal and suspicious jail fund transfers and diversions, and more.

Too many sex crimes also reported during his period, which a significant percentage of them were targeting children. Lacey showed his anger that he was not held responsible or prosecuted for his heinous crimes. Instead, he was only taken to court on the racial profiling issue towards the Latinos, and that became a class action. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Ultimately, it became a criminal conviction against him. Lacey is sure that even if Trump did not save Arpaio, he would have relieved by the court considering his age factor – which is the failure of the justice system, confirms the news reporter.

While coming to the tortures towards Lacey and Larkin, they were actively reporting the tortures, misdeeds, and malpractices done by the sheriff since he took the office in 1992.

In 2007, they were handcuffed from their homes and put behind bars in an attempt to close their mouth. However, the unprecedented public anger across the country worked in favor of the reporters, and they got released within a day.

As it was a clear breach of their First Amendment rights, the reporters sued the county at the Court of Appeal. In 2013, the court asked the county to pay a compensation, $3.75 million, for the illegal arrests to the reporters.

Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

What You Need To Know About Sussex Healthcare

To attain the best results, Sussex health care has made it critical for its management to work on quality properly. The move has been the case both in a personal as well as the collective level in the organization. The co-principle in the Sussex health care is that the proper time management translates to maximum output irrespective of the organization’s field of specialty in the service delivery to its clients.

The primary objective of the Sussex health care is to remain as the leading organization in the arena of the health care by serving their clients accordingly. The institution has put its efforts on the matters regarding the responsibility of the old people and those that have experienced challenges in hearing.


In Sussex Health care the capacity to learn new things or ways to handle different situations plays a central role in determining whether a particular employee will advance in his career path or not. A person ought to develop a personal drive and determination to be flexible to situations by making any experience in the working place to demonstrate its competence in the field. However, seeing as though learning is informed a great deal by interest, job application must similarly be made depending on the applicant’s interest. This way, working becomes interesting, and learning comes naturally through the idea sharing among the members of the Sussex health care. The institution has set the measures that have allowed the objectives to be realized within the right time frame. The adoption of the new means of technology within the institution has placed the goals of the Sussex health care to flow along the right lane in the field of healthcare. The main feature that has occupied the frontline in the Sussex health care is the quality of service to the clients. The move has been achieved through the committed leadership with the supportive staff of the organization. Sussex health care was credited by ISO in the year 2003, and this marks that all the operation of the company falls within the goals of the organization defined by the statement of the ISO. Sussex health care has remained to be relevant in the area of healthcare and many people who have received their services have given the positive reviews of the institutions. All the new employees in the Sussex health care are interviewed by a team of qualified individuals to check whether they are meeting the requirements in their respective field of operations.

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Doe Deere And Lime Crime, Cruelty Free Makeup And More

It wasn’t that long ago that a cruelty free and Vegan friendly makeup company called Lime Crime was born. At first it seemed as if the only hope there was for the world was to offer a bland selection of makeup. Soon, a company started to develop amazing, true to life color makeup that simply changed the world one bright color at a time. Behind all of these colorful unicorns was the Unicorn Queen herself, Doe Deere the CEO and founder of Lime Crime. Doe was Russian born and raised between her mother land and New York City. The two experiences made her creative and colorful in her own rite.


Ever since she was a child Doe loved to play dress up and later in life she started to create a line of fashion items for sale and needed makeup to match. As a result, she started to create that too and it was colorful and fun. Does started to become known as a cosmetic rebel because Lime Crime was not making boring beauty products like all of the other cosmetic companies in the industry. Their rich, bold colors started selling faster than they could be produced. Soon Doe Deere started to speak to other business owners and university students who wanted to be business leaders and future world leaders. Doe’s message was crystal clear, be who you are and follow your heart.


It seems the heart is at the center of Doe Deere’s message and Lime Crime as a company. Doe tells everyone to follow their heart and stay true to it because the heart knows the way. Doe feels strongly that the heart can not and will not mislead you if you listen. Doe followed her heart when she created the company and the product line. She took a hundred dollars out of her pocket and her larger than life dream and built Lime Crime from the ground up.


Today the company makes and carries some of the most sought after products in the cosmetic industry. Gone are the days of your mother’s – mother’s make up and in are the days of freedom of expression and personal choice, as well as using colorful and playful makeup to express yourself. Being a vegan and cruelty free company is not easy. It took a lifetime of lessons to build the company to the level where they are today. Leading the world one unicorn at a time is not as easy as Doe Deere and Lime Crime make it look. Doe knows that by telling the world to live their lives and dreams to the fullest, it’s bound to make a change that will create a positive place for many more people.


Changing the world, riding unicorns and being the colorful, powerful personality that she is just comes natural to Doe Deere and to make i even better, she can do it all and not have to freshen up her rich red lipstick or adjust her green eye shadow before the next day. Take a line from Dow Deere and follow your heart because that’s not a Lime Crime, or is it?


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Fagali’l Airport, The Gateway To Paradise

Not many people know that there is more than one airport in the Samoa Islands. Fagali’l Airport, is located in Apia, Samoa (airport code FGI). Fagali’l is a small international public airport right off the coast run by The Samoa Airport Authority. When you land you will be fortunate to get a great view of the island, beaches and ocean. If you look north, you might be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the main island of Samoa.

According to, Fagali’l airport has very humble beginnings and got its start as just a grass landing strip which was first owned by Polynesian Airlines and The Samoan Government. It was closed for some time and then reopened on July 6, 2002 after being paved and enlarged. Only to be closed again in 2005 over safety concerns. Finally reopening once again on 1 July 2009, Polynesian Airlines took over Fagali’i airport and resumed a service that included international flights to Pago Pago as well as American Samoa.

Over the years, several airlines have operated from this airport, such as Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways and the Talofa Airways. Currently Talofa Airways and Samoa Airlines serves Fagali’l Airport according to

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After your long flight to the Samoan Islands, you will be happy to learn that several very nice hotels are close to the airport. From basic hotels to resorts there is something that anyone can call home while staying on Samoa.

The Airport itself doesn’t offer too many services but it easy enough to find any number of restaurants in close proximity to the airport and hotels. Some of the most affordable prices for enjoying a vacation in Samoa and the surrounding area can be found at Fagali’l Airport and some of Samoa’s wonderful hotels. You can find many packaged deals for your trip on any of the popular travel sites.
Although Fagali’l Airport started small, It has matured and grown with the Island to become an international airport serving the Samoa, Tonga and Pogo Pogo Areas. If you are thinking about a vacation to the Polynesian area, don’t pass up Fagali’l Airport and Samoa as your next stop.

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