The Ladder to Dr. Saad’s Success

There are many life lessons that Dr. SaadSaad has been able to pass onto others. The most important lesson he has shared is that success does come with a bit of innovation. As Saad continued to practice medicine, he also continued to work on effective procedures that he felt could minimize pain and increase recovery time for his pediatric patients. One procedure that he developed would reduce the procedure to the need for just one incision versus two incisions. The success was also in getting the same results while making one less incision. Dr. Saad was able to use this procedure more than 2,000 during the course of his career, bringing good health to his patients while minimizing pain altogether.


Dr. Saad’s greatest passion in life wasn’t just about becoming a pediatric surgeon, but it was also about him gaining more procedural knowledge along the way. This meant that he would not only learn how to do procedures in less time, but with less tools. This meant that over time, Dr. Saad would be able to make it easier for children to get the surgery that needed it without more incisions and more pain medication after the procedure was over. This meant saving lives and improving them for children was now possible.


Recently, in an interview, Dr. Saad was asked what he would tell his younger self. The answer was profound, yet simple. It was simply that he would insist on that nothing is impossible if you have set the goal for yourself. If you insist on success he believes that you can have it. This is a profound but true message for Dr. Saad and those he teaches. Although he is now retired, he was able to pass these wise words onto his children as they studied and grew older. Learn more:


His father was perhaps his greatest encourager, mainly because he shared his wisdom and his own journey with his son at an early age. When the family was moved to Kuwait during his childhood years, Saad was able to realize just how much his choices would impact his career. The demands that he set for himself was to improve and to continue to strive for more regardless of what challenges he faced. He knew that studying medicine was not enough to help him become a doctor, but it was the procedural knowledge he would need to focus on in order to become the best surgeon possible.


Saad also believes that if you do what you need to do today, you won’t be in a hurry to get it done tomorrow. His approach to time management is amazing, and if anything, he has used that to his advantage as well.

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