Igor Cornelsen: A Man Who Discovered What He Was Born to Become

Some people desire to join some professions while they are still young to understand the details of the profession fully. Igor Cornelsen happens to be among them. He always wanted to be an engineer before he even knew the training institution he could join. Igor was born and raised in Curitiba in Brazil. His love for engineering led him to Federal University of Parana in the year 1965. Igor came to know he was extra passionate about finance than engineering in his junior year. This saw him take up economics as his major. Shortly after graduating in 1970, he got a job at an investment bank.

The techniques Igor acquired in his engineering classes have helped him to handle all his financial responsibilities meticulously. He easily used sliding rulers to calculate compound interest rates in an era where the calculators were a foreign concept. His success on the first job saw him move to Rio and became a board member at Multibanco. Igor Cornelsen rose to the position of a chief executive officer after committing himself to the company’s vision for about two years. Having succeeded in his role, he joined Unibanco in 1978, which was among the most successful firms in Brazil.

Having acquired immense knowledge and experience in the financial world, Igor joined Libra Bank PLC in 1985 where he got his biggest breakthrough. The bank was a London Merchant Bank. Working for this bank earned him American dollars instead of the Brazilian currency he used to get. The change in currency made a huge difference in his economic life. He had the spending power, but he chose to invest wisely. He decided to invest his funds in some companies in America and Europe.

Having achieved financial success, Igor Cornelsen enjoys being in his Southern Florida-based home or the other home in Brazil. During his free time, you will find him playing golf, his favorite sport. Igor’s love for golf influenced him to choose a house in Florida because the state has numerous golf courses. Furthermore, the weather in Florida is favorable for this sport throughout the year. Even though he is a retired investment banker, Igor offers his consultancy services to many bank executives.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Fight for the Preservation of the DACA

A news article from Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund discusses how there have been many fronts of attack by GOP members that were directed at the DACA program. This news is being distributed across immigrant networks and organizations.

The DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and allows young immigrants that meet all the prerequisites a reprieve from deportation while also providing them with a social security number. According to the article, the DACA program also allows these youths an opportunity to work in the United States for a two year renewable period. Under the DACA program the youths can also get a driver’s license and gain access to in-state tuition fees. This program works to allow these youths the chance for a better life when they may have not otherwise received these chances.

There has been a letter sent to the Trump administration that has asked them to cancel the DACA program by September 5th. The letter then threatened that if their demands were not met that the party would ensue legal action. It is discussed in the article that they are not proposing an abrupt termination of the program, but rather a “phasing off.” This would lead to new applications of the program not being considered and no renewals. There are currently nine attorneys and one governor that put their names on the letter.

The article goes on to discuss that members of the Hispanic Caucus met with Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly in a private meeting. Kelly stated that the DACA program is in jeopardy and mentioned that there are legal cases currently challenging the program. The DACA program that has been in effect for the past five years currently protects 800,000 people. The factual statements regarding the future of the program were very worrisome to many.

The DACA program have brought many good things to the United States as a whole. There are currently ninety-five percent of DACA beneficiaries that are working, studying, or doing both. These beneficiaries currently contribute millions of dollars to colleges and universities across the country. While doing this they have also improved the earnings that they make and are paying higher taxes. These beneficiaries are very invested in making a better life for themselves. Many of these individuals are still advancing their education, buying homes and cars, and creating their own businesses. This is all due to the DACA program that is currently in place.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is currently on the fight for the preservation of the DACA program. They are helping to provide any information or guidance as well on the matter at hand. The creators of the fund are co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

On October 18th 2007, Lacey and Larkin were arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio after revealing the existence of grand jury proceedings. After suing and ultimately winning, the journalists decided to use their $3.75 million winnings to help support immigrants and their rights.

Brian Torchin Strives to Provide Solutions to Medical Field’s Staffing Problem

Brian Torchin began his career in the medical industry as a chiropractor. Armed with a chiropractic degree from New York College and a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science from the University of Delaware, Brian lived and breathed the industry for many years as a practitioner. It was during this time he noticed the staffing problems medical was having. Employers were having a hard time finding applicants, and medical professionals like himself could not find work. This was because most open medical positions were not advertised. There was simply no way of knowing if such positions existed. This is what led him to his present position, as CEO of HCRC Staffing Solutions. Read more at phillypurge.com about Brian Torchin

HCRC is a staffing firm dealing exclusively in both the medical and legal field. It connects doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and administrators to respective positions in the variety of fields currently in high demand. HCRC has a unique approach to the business, it does not take payment until an employer has hired a candidate. For this reason the lists of candidates it offers any client are of the highest qualified, and best fitting prospect around. Each prospect is personally vetted in intensive phone interviews before the list is generated.

Brian Torchin is passionate about finding solutions for the medical field’s staffing problems. In addition to his role as CEO, Brian Torchin also writes articles on the subject. His insights have inspired many to look at the problem more closely. Brian Torchin’s innovations have led HCRC to be very successful. Currently it operates on a global level servicing Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe. It offers a wealth of opportunity for medical professionals in need of a job, and allows employers to find the right fit. The skilled staff is on hand to assist in every aspect, even the drafting of the contract. Visit: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1098173


Peter Briger Is Principal of Fortress Investment Group And Has An Impressive Record In Finance

Peter Briger is the current Principal and Co-Chairman at Fortress Investment Group (FIG). Peter Briger also has a great track history of making important business deals on an international and also on a domestic scale. Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Not long after being hired by FIG, Briger took swift action by creating Fortress’ securities and real estate side of their business. Fortress Investment Group hired Peter Briger as both a Principal and Co-Chairman at the time that were mulling a move that did not focus on equities.

Peter Briger put together a team of staffers at FIG who were astute enough to raise almost 5 billion dollars for their new, Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV. Based on Briger’s experience in top areas of finance that Fortress Investment Group deemed was most important, Briger helped them yield some very big returns by working with many non-performing and assets categorized as troubled. The two asset classes were an important part of the long-term plan and strategy for Fortress Investment Group. Mr. Briger and Fortress made the timely decision to purchase these alternative and non-performing assets at a discount at the time the company purchased them.

Briger is in very high demand and a top company asset at FIG is because of his past knowledge and successes in different areas of finance. Mr. Briger is astute at knowing how to take financial risks that are calculated. Briger uses a strategy of purchasing many alternative assets at very cheap prices, then selling them back at a later time, when the markets are interested in buying specific assets back at a higher rate. Briger has had impeccable timing and a trusted record when making key moves regarding market rates and how they can benefit FIG.

But, Mr. Briger had a lot of experience in finance before being hired by FIG. Briger worked for over a decade at Goldman Sachs before making Partner at their firm in 1996. At Goldman Sachs, Briger had a seat on many committees. A few of these included the Asian Management Committee, the Japanese Executive Committee, and others.

How Whitney Wolfe Overcame All Odds and Became the Bumble CEO

Whitney Wolfe is from a very humble background. She is from a family of a real estate developer while her mother stays at home taking care of her. She was known to be a very disciplined kid and was loved a lot by her parents. Her mother was always there to make sure that the offers her daughter any relevant support that she may desire while in both primary and secondary school. She later left them to join the famous Southern Methodist University. At the campus, she studied a bachelors degree in international studies and had always worked towards following her dreams. She is very optimistic about making it in her thoughts and has lived a very humble life even when she was in University. Read more about Whitney Wolfe on Crunchbase.

When Whitney Wolfe graduated, she started looking for a job. At age 19 she was working at an orphanage and later after a few years went back to her country where she got a marketing job in a computer lab. She was able to perfect her skills in marketing, but on a different project besides the one, she was being invited to market. The project halted and the people who were assigned the job decided to create for them a dating app. She was told to suggest the best name and decided that it should be Tinder. To Whitney Wolfe, it would be more marketable and easy to introduce. When it was ready, she decided to take up the challenge. She went to the Universities across the whole of America and made sure that all the students have joined the dating platform. Within one year, they had managed to have so many subscribers.

Whitney Wolfe Continued to market the project, but a problem came when she had a dispute with a colleague at work. She faced sexual harassment which was a great crime. She had no other option but to leave. As a co-founder, she had to depart with her shares. She used the amount refunded to create another site known as Bumble in 2011. It has been able to do very well over the last few years, and she keeps on inventing new methods of getting more members.

Learn more: https://techcrunch.com/2018/06/06/bumble-ceo-whitney-wolfe-herd-is-coming-to-disrupt-sf/


Bob Reina is Using Talk Fusion to Care for More Pets

Bob Reina has committed the better part of his life in developing technological solutions that will see the world transformed into a better place. He is always encouraged to face his challenges and find ways of overcoming them thus making him even stronger. He is the founder of Talk Fusion, one of the leading online communication channels that helps marketers to meet new clients. Bob Reina has a large heart and has invested in the charitable courses that have uplifted the living standards of people.

He commonly uses the phrase ‘I Will’ that has been instrumental in his success story. The words are simple and precise and as such, they give him the vigor and power to continue inventing new technological solutions for the betterment of the society. Bob Reina has been responsible for establishing a robust management team at Talk Fusion that is geared towards delivery of result. His team is committed to the course and understands the need of using each individual expertise in bringing forth the success story of the company. The company focuses on developing local communities.

Bob Reina gives an insight into his philanthropic works saying there is two distinct school of thoughts about charitable courses. We have people involved in philanthropic nature but prefer to remain unknown, while we have those who give out huge donations and are recognised. Bob Reina enjoys giving to the public and encourages other people to join the course by contributing whatever little money they have. He always feels blessed whenever he helps other people succeed in life.


About Bob Reina

Bob is the Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion’s foundation is based on a strong entrepreneurial desire that Bob carried for many days. He tried doing many jobs while at the University of South Florida. Bob’s vision was strong enough to lead him back to business after trying many things. Talk Fusion a video marketing technology company has made Bob gather a lot of resources that he is using to give back to the community. Talk Fusion is one of the best video marketing companies in 2017.

Bob Reina’s most significant charitable contribution was the $1 million that he donated to Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He also encourages Talk Fusion’s employees to donate to charitable organisations. Much of Bob’s time goes towards funding philanthropic organisations that care for pets. Bob loves pets and even carries them to his office.


Follow Bob Reina on twitter.

Todd Lubar  One of the Smartest Real Estate Investors in The United States

Todd Lubar believes that achieving success in the field of real estate needs patience, research and a keen eye for details. It is these qualities that he has been continuously developing in his long and illustrious career in the field of financing and real estate investments. As an avid real estate investor and financier, Todd Lubar has been able to spot opportunities in the area of real estate rather flawlessly. Many of his clients have benefitted generously through the suggestions and recommendations that Todd Lubar provided. Todd Lubar has worked for many mortgage companies from the very beginning of his career, starting from Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financials.


Todd Lubar has worked with some of the senior financial executives and veteran real estate investors in his career, which helped him, learn a lot about how to go about investing in the real estate business. Currently, Todd Lubar is one of the most influential personalities in the real estate sector of the United States and is the Senior Vice President at Charter Funding and President of TDL Ventures. He is also the founder and owner of Legendary Investments and Legendary Financials, two of the companies that he founded after leaving Legacy Financials. One of his primary aims currently is to help people fulfill the dream of owning a house. There are many people out there who do not take care of their finances well even after earning sufficiently, and it is what can sometimes cause issues when going in to apply for a mortgage loan.


Todd Lubar believes that it is necessary for such people to get expert assistance that would help them fulfill the dream of owning a house. Todd Lubar is the owner of the Legendary Financials that deals with providing alternative financing solutions to people looking to make investments in the real estate. Todd Lubar also keeps a close watch on where the real estate market is heading and said that the Baltimore’s real estate market is growing at a steady race, and is a must watch for the real estate investors. It has seen a steady growth in the condos and apartments, and many new projects are being developed across the length and breadth of the city. The young population in Baltimore has also been proliferating, which is also one of the factors that investors should factor in positively.


Todd Lubar also shared some of the life lessons that he follows himself along with sharing his insights on the real estate market. Todd said that people should never get too discouraged by failure, and must always keep good company around to stay positive and focused. He also said that it is necessary to work equally hard day in and day out to achieve success in the long term and not lose focus of the goal.



Louis R. Chenevert’s Amazing Life Story

Louis R. Chenevert’s success story is one of the most motivating success journey’s around. Chenevert wasn’t lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family but he did not let this deter him. He instead took the challenge and rose against all the odds to becoming one of the most excellent business person’s around. Chenevert’s hard work has paid off in several ways; he rose to become a production manager at General Motor’s, to CEO of United Technologies (UTC), to an advisor for Goldman Sachs.

Early life

Louis R. Chenevert was born in 1958 in one of the most populous cities of the Canadian province of Quebec called Montreal. Chenevert grew up from a humble background and developed his passion for business and entrepreneurship at an early age.

Chenevert went further to build a foundation for his career by joining the University of Montreal. While at the University in the HSC Montreal Business School and being driven by his unending love for business, he specialized in production management.

A Bold and Successful Career Change

Louis R. Chenevert landed his first job as a production manager at general motors at St. Therese, Quebec. The General Motors plant continued to witness Chenevert’s prowess for 14 good years. With the help of his veteran General Motors colleague, Louis decided to resign and move to the aerospace industry. He began working with Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC), an aircraft engine manufacturer in 1993 and after three years of he made a transition to a sister company called Pratt & Whitney (P&W) which manufactured larger aircraft engines.

At P&W, Chenevert achieved various milestones. For instance he helped the company reduce its production costs by 10 percent. It is through such strategic moves that he has risen to be one of the most successful people around and also became the President of P&W after another three years of stay.

Achieving A Career Peak

Louis R. Chenevert has always experienced upward mobility in his career through hard work and determination. Chenevert was welcomed to United Technologies (UTC) the parent Company as the director and in less than two years became the CEO and president.

More about Louis R. Chenevert

Chenevert, a definite change maker, made impacting decisions at UTC which brought a tremendous amount of success within a short period. A $240 million-dollar contract with the US Navy, acquisition of Goodrich Corporation and an increase in the stock price per share are but to mention a few achievements.


Tony Petrello Impressive Track Record At Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello has made significant contributions to the growth of the oil industry in the world. He is the person behind the development of American oil and natural gas drilling giant known as Nabors technology. This firm is the largest drilling technology company in the world. It is based in Texas and has operations in numerous locations around the world. Currently, it has ongoing work in 25 countries. There are multiple other locations where drilling rigs from this company are being used in drilling operations. The technology used by Nabors is the most advanced and has resulted in massive business opportunities.

Tony Petrello has been the difference that has been seen in the form between now and the last two decades. Since he joined the firm, it has been a continuous path of development. The company has been growing from one level to another consistently. It has proved that Petrello is a performer. Before he joined Nabors, it was just another company in the oil drilling sector, but after two decades in the firm now, it is the biggest firm in the world. Petrello has even become one of the top-paid CEOs in the country. To be a top-paid CEO in the country shows that your company is among the most profitable in the country.

Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the COO. He later became the president of the firm. He worked in this position until 2011 when he was promoted to the position of the CEO. It is, however, his performance when serving as the CEO and President of the company that he created a good name in the management. His proposals to the management as well as effectiveness in streamlining the operations of the company to realize full benefits is what made him a top contender for the position of the CEO. He had already proved that he could lead the giant oil and natural gas drilling firm. Since 2011, he has proved why he deserved the job.

Nabors industries impressed in its post-2008 financial crisis performance. At a time when other firms had it rough and others even closing down, Nabors Industries was growing rapidly. The form was doing so well under the management of Tony Petrello. In fact, this is one of the periods when it made the largest profits. In 2015, Tony Petrello even joined the list of top-paid CEOs in the country because of the returns made by Nabors Industries.

Source: https://thereisnoconsensus.com/mathematics-law-business-charity-unique-american-dream-tony-petrello/

Dick DeVos and a Universe of Change

Dick DeVos doesn’t joke around. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a strong sense of humor. It simply means that his takes his position in this world extremely seriously, and understandably so. He’s not someone to take things for granted. He has a lot of gratitude for all of the things he’s been given in his life. DeVos has had the opportunity to lead quite an interesting existence thus far. His father was a major figure in the business world decades and decades ago. That’s due to the fact that he was one of the businesspersons who created the Amway Corp. The Amway Corp’s legacy is alive and strong in the younger DeVos as well. It’s so strong in him that he actually was its head for 10 amazing years. His position at the top of the Amway Corp. began in the early nineties. It continued into the 2000s, too.


DeVos is a fan of all sorts of different things. He appreciates athletics deeply. He’s had significant involvement with many widely known sports teams in the United States. He’s had substantial involvement with sectors that have absolutely nothing to do with the athletic realm as well. People who have watched DeVos do his thing know that he has pastimes and interests that are notably balanced. He’s an aviation enthusiast, first of all. His zeal for aviation is so strong that it actually compelled him to put together an aviation academy located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This academy is named the West Michigan Aviation Academy. It educates young high school students who believe that they want to pursue aviation vocations once they graduate. It accommodates the educational requirements of students who reside in all different parts of Western Michigan. The school is such a draw that it actually brings in students who commute seriously lengthy distances. There are even a number of West Michigan Aviation Academy students who only get the chance to go home on weekends, interestingly enough.


Dick DeVos likes seeing cities he cares about run in methodical and efficient manners. Grand Rapids is an example of a city that’s valuable to DeVos and to the other people who are in his family. He can’t bear to see bad things happen to Grand Rapids and its many residents. He shows the public in Michigan day in and day out that he’s more than willing to fight for it. DeVos lobbied against the idea of arena establishment in Grand Rapids back in 1991 or so. The idea alone of tarnishing downtown Grand Rapids with enormous new structures bothered DeVos greatly. DeVos is a detail-oriented man who views patterns. If he thinks that something may be part of a problematic pattern, he steers clear of it.


Betsy DeVos is Dick’s highly respected wife. She’s so respected that she actually has a major role within President Donald Trump’s sizable administration. This United States Secretary of Education helps keep Dick accountable. The twosome play off each other in a brilliant and understandable way.


Visit http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.