Brian Torchin Strives to Provide Solutions to Medical Field’s Staffing Problem

Brian Torchin began his career in the medical industry as a chiropractor. Armed with a chiropractic degree from New York College and a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science from the University of Delaware, Brian lived and breathed the industry for many years as a practitioner. It was during this time he noticed the staffing problems medical was having. Employers were having a hard time finding applicants, and medical professionals like himself could not find work. This was because most open medical positions were not advertised. There was simply no way of knowing if such positions existed. This is what led him to his present position, as CEO of HCRC Staffing Solutions. Read more at about Brian Torchin

HCRC is a staffing firm dealing exclusively in both the medical and legal field. It connects doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and administrators to respective positions in the variety of fields currently in high demand. HCRC has a unique approach to the business, it does not take payment until an employer has hired a candidate. For this reason the lists of candidates it offers any client are of the highest qualified, and best fitting prospect around. Each prospect is personally vetted in intensive phone interviews before the list is generated.

Brian Torchin is passionate about finding solutions for the medical field’s staffing problems. In addition to his role as CEO, Brian Torchin also writes articles on the subject. His insights have inspired many to look at the problem more closely. Brian Torchin’s innovations have led HCRC to be very successful. Currently it operates on a global level servicing Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe. It offers a wealth of opportunity for medical professionals in need of a job, and allows employers to find the right fit. The skilled staff is on hand to assist in every aspect, even the drafting of the contract. Visit: