Jason Hope, Technology Philanthropist

How many people say they have a passion for technology? Elon Musk has made his name by saying so, but does he or is he a clever marketer? The public perception of Musk makes him both, and it does not matter.

Jason Hope is another philanthropist with a passion for technology. As a philanthropist, he makes sure that new projects have the funding they need to get off the ground. This includes projects from many different fields, including medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, information technology and even some forms of aviation.

The average person thinks of computer and cell phone technology, together called information technology, when they hear the word, but technology is merely the application of science to practical purposes. Engineers deal with technology all the time, and even something as old as the wheel is an early technology. While there are few improvements that can be made on the wheel, there are many improvements and tweaks that can be made on the things we attach to wheels, include bicycles. Recumbent bicycles, for example, are more efficient than the traditional variety.

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As a futurist, Jason Hope wants to make sure that technology is being used to solve the problems faced by people all around the world. He has given money to projects hoping to give clean water to villages that have little access to such water, and helps fund GMO projects that work to improve crop yield and manipulate genes to make sure that all the essential nutrients are met.

Genetically Modified Organisms remain controversial, but Jason Hope knows that nature modifies organisms all the time. Mutation, one of the driving forces behind evolution. Farmers and scientists are simply using horticulture, botany and genetics to make sure that there is enough food to feed the world’s growing population. Modifying organisms with genes from another plant is simple and effective technology, and it is possible that biotechnology may help reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. Jason Hope went to Fresner University in Arizona and developed his passion for technology there.

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Drew Madden’s Healthcare Concerns Addressed: Some Solutions To Address These Issues

Drew Madden is a health care IT entrepreneur. Madden is a managing partner for Evergreen Healthcare. Evergreen Healthcare provides health care IT services to many companies throughout the United States. Madden previously worked at Nordic Consulting Partners and The Cerner Corporation. Madden graduated from the University of Iowa College of Engineering. Madden loves collaborating with others and creating teams.

Drew Madden is concerned about the current state of the healthcare industry. Healthcare has turned into a trillion dollar industry, however, there is still plenty of concern. Analysts have noted how there is lots of regulation, politics, and flawed payment incentives. There are some exciting things on the horizon though.

Logistics Tracking

Many hospitals are struggling with patient logistics inside the hospital. There are often frequent patient delays. Analysts have proposed using a tracking system that shows exactly where the patients are located in the hospital. This should help reduce delays and prevent the spread of diseases. The tracking technology would make it easier for managers to oversee patient flow. They could also easily tell which areas are in need and which areas there is a surplus in.

Advance Care Planning

Only a small number of adults have an Advance Care Plan that outlines their care for their last few months of life. However, research has shown that an ACP can reduce the costs of some insurance plans. Some companies have brainstormed creating a web product that allows people to create directives that they can share with their families and doctors. This will help people save thousands of dollars. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services created a reimbursement code that allows medical providers to bill Medicare in regards to people using future care strategies.

The Future Of Ambulances

There is concern over the role of ambulances. Ambulances are considered expensive and are often unnecessary. There has been talk of creating an app that allows hospitals to view the situation and assess whether the ambulance is necessary. The hospital may choose to dispatch a lower cost response team. The app could help reduce expenses for patients, while also leaving EMTs available to help people who are in serious situations.