US Money Reserve Redoes Their Website

The US Money Reserve has made their share of profits in selling gold and silver bullion and now they’ve taken steps to redo their website and make it even more engaging. The new website has even more images in its gallery of coins and commemorative bullion, and it also has a new introductory page with a forward from the company President Philip N. Diehl.

The technical team decided it was time to turn the website into a more interactive and fun interface, and after the renovation was complete it became compatible on both Windows and Mac devices. Customers can also receive extra help through the US Money Reserve’s Client-Connect Advantage system which allows live service representatives to guide them through purchases, returns and other large transactions.

US Money Reserve has become a quality company thanks in large part to the work of Philip Diehl, the former US Mint Director. Diehl turned the US Mint into a very profitable wing of the government by reforming practices and eliminating waste from the department.

He launched several commemorative programs and brought back a few vintage coins during his time at the US Mint, and he also was the man behind the 50 States Quarter and Sacagawea dollar coin. Diehl has appeared on many business cable channels including CNN and CNBC where he’s discussed domestic and foreign currency and has even advocated eliminating the penny.

The US Money Reserve has information on the importance of gold and silver assets as protection during troubling financial times. By investing in gold and silver you can own solid assets that are not subject to government interest rates and always have a demand that paper money will not have. Plus there is a finite amount of gold in the world and its value is expected to soar should the US dollar crash.

Purchasing gold and silver isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds, and if you’re new to it you may not understand all the risks that go into it. So US Money Reserve has put together information on the investment process and has Client-Connect Advantage for offline purchase and return assistance.

They also have IRA and investment transfer kits if you have current investments that you would like to diversify your portfolio with or convert into gold and silver assets.

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